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Tree Removal Sunbury

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A tree climber halfway through removing a tree in sunbury, with a groundsman helping clear the timber.
Ascent Tree Solutions removed 2 large trees from our property which were dangerously close to our home. After the massive winds we've had this month they had to be removed, which was done very safe and professionally by Chris and his crew at a very competitive price. We would certainly use him again.
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Tree Removal Sunbury

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Tree Removal in Sunbury – Our Services

Sunbury is full of beautiful native trees, including gums, wattles and banksias. These trees add great aesthetic value to your property and need to be looked after to maintain their health and longevity. Ascent Trees are experts in tree trimming to keep your trees in their best shape, but sometimes tree removal is the only option if it has become hazardous.

A common reason to have a tree removed is due to ongoing limb failure, as this poses a significant risk. Limb failure is usually due to underlying issues with the tree, and is common in gum trees. It means that the branches can break and fall with no prior warning. This can be due to disease and decay, weakness in the tree structure, or from wind damage.

Even if you’ve only had small branches fall consistently, it’s worth having the tree checked and assessed, to determine the reason. When it comes to any concerns about your tree’s health, it’s always best chatting with a trained arborist. At Ascent Trees, we have a strong reputation for honest, safe and efficient tree work by qualified arborists, and can advise on the best next steps for your tree. If you want to find a business to complete your tree removal in Sunbury, then local arborists are the way to go. We're just around the corner and can come and provide a free quote.
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Job Details for: Tree Removal Sunbury

Ascent Trees were contacted about a tree removal job in Sunbury due to the customer’s concerns about large trees overhanging their house. There had been heavy winds – as we often get in Victoria – and the customer was worried about the risk to their home and their safety. The trees had begun to drop a number of limbs and small branches close to the house and the customer was aware this was a sign of deteriorating health for the trees.

Chris arranged a suitable time to visit the property and provide the customer with a quote. On arrival, he assessed the trees in question and observed clear signs of decay. This included fungal growth (which looks like half a large old mushroom) in the trunk along with visible cracks, as well as a large amount of deadwood in the branches above.

After the hazard assessment made it clear the trees would continue to experience limb failure, and due to the proximity to the house, it was decided the trees would have to be removed for safety reasons. The job was booked in for the days after due to the hazardous nature of the job.

On the day of the tree removal job, our arborists ascended the trees using harnesses and ropes and safely removed the smaller branches first to remove the weight, and then moved onto the larger branches, bringing them down to the ground with a controlled fall. Once the trunk was stripped, the crew used chainsaws to fell the trunk into the surrounding garden, with no damage caused to the house.

During the removal, the ground crew put the branches through the chipper and sprayed the mulch into a pile for the customer to use for his garden. The larger pieces of timber were cut into rounds in a neat pile, and left for the customer to chop into firewood. We finished up with a stump grinding service, so once the site was cleared, we then removed the stump to ground level, ready for the location to be rehabilitated for the garden.

The customer was happy not to worry about the risk of the trees anymore and pleased with our attentiveness to safety and site clean up, as well being very satisfied with the price for such a large job!
An arborist suspended in the canopy of a tree with his rope and harness during a tree removal.An arborist climbing along a branch during a tree removal in sunbury, attached with ropes.A climber at the top of a tree, removing branches for a tree removal.A woodchipper working to mulch up branches after a tree removal job in sunbury.

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