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Stump Grinding

Clear up any unsightly stumps on your property with our stump grinding services
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A tree worker completing a stump removal job using a stump grinder machine.

Our Stump grinding Services

Whether you’ve just had a tree removed or have old unsightly stumps across your property, we can remove the stump and surrounding roots with our stump grinding team.

It’s a great way to keep your property clean and tidy, and also helps with property maintenance if you’re not driving your mower around large stumps.

We can access most locations with our top of the range stump grinder and will use barriers where needed to protect surrounding objects from the grindings.

Once complete, we’ll fill the hole left behind with the grindings, ready for you to re-lawn or mulch on top of it. Check out our Terms and Conditions with regard to the details on the depth we grind down to when removing a stump.

Leave the Stump Grinding to us

We can remove your stump quickly, with no fuss
Have you ever tried to remove a stump yourself, hacking at it with a shovel or axe? There’s a reason most trees can withstand high winds and years of life – a strong root system stemming from the tree stump.

We will use a chainsaw to reduce the height of your stump and then use a machine called a stump grinder to efficiently and effectively remove tree stumps from the ground, as if they were never there!
Our stump grinding machine removes the full stump down to a depth of up to 300m and of an area up to 150% visible above the ground. We don’t ‘chase the roots’ as the machine is very effective – once we’ve removed the visible stump and surface roots, the ground lies flat again ready for resurfacing.

Sections of the stump may remain due to proximity to concrete or rocks as the grinder would be damaged.

How we complete your stump grinding job

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Step 1
Get in touch via our contact form to book in your stump grinding requirements. Upload a photo and note the size!
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Step 2
To give an accurate quote, Chris will contact you to lock in a time to come and inspect the stump to be removed.
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Step 3
We book in all of our tree stump removals on the same day each week so our stump grinder works efficiently.
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Step 4
Once your stump grinding has been completed, we’ll let you know and you’ll receive your invoice via email.
The Ascent Trees crew finishing the removal of a tree ready for stump grinding.

Stop avoiding those stumps with the mower!

It’s time to get rid of those stumps and enjoy your garden again.We make it look easy with an industry-best stump grinder, and we’ll be in and out in no time to remove your stumps.
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Reviews from happy customers

  • Fantastic at tree removal

    "Chris and his team were fantastic at removing our large and dangerous tree. They were professional and completed the job safely and efficiently. Would highly recommend Ascent Tree Solutions!"

    Professional job every time

    "Couldn't speak more highly of Chris and the team at Ascent. Prompt quoting and invoicing and professional job every time that I needed their services. Highly recommend."
  • Punctual and Professional

    "Chris and team were fantastic with recent tree removal and pruning at our home. Punctual, professional and left our garden clean and tidy. Strongly recommend."

    The crew is great!

    "Chris and his crews are great! I only had a small job but they looked after the the whole process very well. Professional and friendly."
  • Would certainly use again

    "Ascent Tree Solutions removed 2 large trees from our property which were dangerously close to our home. After the massive winds we've had this month they had to be removed, which was done very safe and professionally by Chris and his crew at a very competitive price and would certainly use him again."

    Left the yard tidy

    "Chris and the boys did a great job. They took down two trees and they left the yard tidy and no damage to the plant nearby which could have been squashed easily without care. Great work thanks!"

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Tree Pruning

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The stump grinding crew getting their gear together for a day of work.

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