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Terms & Conditions

By accepting a quote from and engaging Ascent Tree Solutions for the performance of any work, the Customer (you) forms a contract with Ascent Tree Solutions and acknowledges acceptance of the associated costs and charges and accepts the following terms and conditions of trade.

Bookings and Payments

- The Customer acknowledges that it has represented an ability to pay for the work upon completion unless otherwise agreed.
- Upon acceptance of the written quote, Ascent Tree Solutions will book a suitable day(s) to complete the agreed scope of work outlined in the accepted quote.
- The accepted quote is based on site conditions being as at the time of quoting.
- Any additional work or equipment required to complete the work, caused by the Customer's failure to make known of, or caused by previously unknown, conditions not apparent in quoting the work specified, shall be paid for by the Customer on an hourly rate basis.
-  From time to time Ascent Tree Solutions may need to reschedule accepted work in the case of emergency tree works.
- Ascent Tree Solutions can cancel work at any time, due to poor or unsafe weather conditions; works that have been deemed dangerous; and unforeseen circumstances such as damaged equipment.
- The Customer warrants that all trees listed are located on the Customer's property, and if not, that the Customer has received permission from the owner to complete the work. Should any tree be mistakenly identified, the Customer agrees to indemnify Ascent Tree Solutions for any costs incurred.
- The Customer is responsible for keeping the site clear of people, children and pets for the duration of the work. Any delays caused to the works due to this requirement not being followed, will occur an extra charge on an hourly rate basis.
- Any additional work requested on the day will be subject to the availability of the crew, with a price agreed before commencement.
- Invoices are to be paid upon completion of the accepted work unless otherwise agreed.
- All prices are exclusive of GST unless stated otherwise.
- If payment is not made by the due date, Ascent Tree Solutions will send out an Overdue Invoice. 
- If payment is not made by the date stated on the Overdue Invoice, Ascent Tree Solutions will charge an overdue fee of $150.
- If payment is not made within 30 days, the account will be referred to a debt collection agency.


- All work completed by Ascent Tree Solutions is to Australian Standards and best industry practice.
- All work conducted by Ascent Tree Solutions is covered by our Public Liability Insurance. 
-  Ascent Tree Solutions are not responsible for damage or cracks to driveways or footpaths where machinery access is required for the works.
- Ascent Tree Solutions is not responsible for any lawn repairs, and as such will notify you on arrival if the lawn is not suitable to be worked on with machinery.
- Our normal working hours are Monday to Friday, 6:30am to 4pm.
- It is the client's responsibility to ensure that the area we work in is clear of dog faeces / excrement prior to scheduled works. Failure to do so may incur an additional cost of $100 +GST.
- Ascent Tree Solutions will complete a high standard of clean up after the works are complete, including removing brush and clippings, and raking the service area.
- Unless requested and stated on the accepted quote, the removal of wood is not included in the scope of works. The wood remaining will be left in a convenient location, but will not be moved or stacked unless specified on the accepted quote.
- The Customer acknowledges that, due to the nature of Ascent Tree Solutions work, that there may be some minor disruption to grassed areas and plants, with some sawdust remaining after clean up.

Tree Removals

- Trees to be removed in the scope of works, will be removed to ground level, which is as low as is practical with use of a chainsaw.
- Unless requested and stated on the accepted quote, the removal of stumps is not included in the scope of works.
- If the Customer requires the timber to be cut to firewood lengths, this shall be requested at the time of quoting. If it is made as an additional request on the day of works, this will incur an additional cost.
- The Customer ackowledges that 'cut to firewood lengths' means the logs will be cut into lengths suitable for splitting, or approx 300-500mm blocks.

Stump Grinding

- The depth of stump grinding can vary due to restrictions of the area, for example underground cables and pipe.
- Stump will be ground to a point of Ascent Tree Solution's satisfaction, to a depth of up to 300mm and an area up to 150% diameter visible above ground stump.
- 'Stump Grinding' means grinding the stump itself and not chasing/grinding roots beyond the initial stump. 
- Some sections of the stump may remain due to its proximity to concrete / rocks / metal etc.
- Stump grinding debris is not disposed of unless stated in the quote and accepted works. The debris will be used to fill the hole left behind.
- If the Customer excavates or digs around the stump after Ascent Tree Solutions have left site to expose further roots or parts of stump, this will not be remedied under the initial quote agreement and further visits to grind exposed / uncovered parts of the stump or lateral roots will incur an additional cost at Ascent Tree Solution's discretion.
- Due to the potential hazards of stump grinding works, Ascent Tree Solutions does not accept responsibility for damage caused to any underground services including power, water, gas, telephone and internet.
- The Customer is required to provide Ascent Tree Solutions with confirmed details of the location of underground services and utilities. If the Customer is unsure of these details, the Customer must obtain this information from Dial Before You Dig prior to work commencing.

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