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Elm Leaf Beetle Treatment

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A damaged leaf that needs elm leaf beetle treatment after an infestation.

Worried about damage to your elm trees?

Elm leaf beetles can defoliate elm trees in a matter of weeks. If left untreated, the tree will decline in health and eventually die. There's also a risk of beetles spreading to neighbouring elm trees, continuing the advance of this invasive species throughout Australia. Don't wait until it's too late! If there are any signs of elm leaf beetles on your property, contact us today.

Many of our beautiful Elm Trees in Victoria can be impacted by the threat of elm beetles. These tree pests can damage the tree’s foliage, and affect the structure and health of your elm tree.

Our elm leaf beetle treatment includes using a stem injection to manage and treat the issue. This is required every 2-3 years to ensure the lasting health and integrity of your elm trees. If the infestation is left without treatment, it can weaken your tree and eventually kill it.

If you have concerns about the trees on your property, we can come and inspect the foliage on your elm tree for the tell-tale indications of an elm leaf beetle infestation. There will be many tiny holes in the leaves of the tree, where the elm beetle has been feeding on the foliage, usually in the months of spring. Eradication of these pests is not possible, but long-term management through consistent elm leaf beetle treatment will help preserve your trees for years to come.
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Use a qualified arborist for elm leaf beetle treatment

To ensure a safe and effective treatment for your trees.
It’s important to hire a professional arborist, who has been trained in the correct techniques, to complete elm leaf beetle treatment. There are two options to complete the treatment: stem injection or soil injection. We’ll let you know the most appropriate choice for your elm tree.

The treatment lasts 2-3 years – we’ll remind you when your next service is due to keep your tree healthy.

Elm Leaf Beetle Prevention and Treatment

Quick, safe, and unobtrusive, stem injection is our preferred elm leaf beetle treatment method to prevent and deal with infestation of elm leaf beetles. We recommend re-administering every 3 years. Ascent Tree Solutions maintain treatment records and advise when clients are due for repeat treatment. It's important to hire a qualified business for this type of tree work. Read more about our skills here.
Qaulified Arborists
Elm leaf beetle (Pyrrahalta luteola).


Elm leaf beetle (Pyrrahalta luteola) is an insect pest, native to Europe and accidentally introduced to Australia during the 20th century. It was first discovered on the Mornington Peninsula in 1989.

The first and most obvious symptom of an infestation is leaf skeletonisation. Skeletonisation is the process where an insect pest consumes the leaf tissue between the leaf veins. This damage can be caused by both adult beetles and larvae, although more severe skeletonisation tends to be done by larvae. It can cause the leaves to die prematurely, which in turn can weaken the tree and make it more vulnerable to other stresses such as drought, soil compaction, sunburn, etc.

When this cycle is repeated over many years, it can cause severe branch dieback or even the premature death of an entire tree. The most effective way to stay on top of this problem is through elm leaf beetle treatment.


The adult beetles hibernate during winter. They can be found in sheltered places, such as woodpiles, bark crevices, cracks in wooden houses. As spring weather approaches with warmer temperatures, they emerge and begin feeding on elm leaves. They chew on leaves creating distinctive small round holes.

By mid-spring, they lay clusters of tiny yellow eggs on the underside of leaves. Depending on the ambient temperature, hatching occurs 1-2 weeks later. These larvae begin feeding on the leaves, causing the skeletonization mentioned earlier.

These larvae mature within 2-4 weeks. They then drop from the canopy or crawl down the trunk, pupating at the tree base. Adult beetles develop around 1-2 weeks later, and the cycle continues. In Melbourne and Victoria, there can be 2-3 generations of beetle per season. If you notice any of these signs on your elm tree, it is worth consulting with a professional arborist to get a quote for elm leaf beetle treatment.
Golden Elm tree.
Elm tree trunk


The most common elm leaf beetle treatment is chemical injection of Imidacloprid (or similar). There are two common ways of administering this treatment: Stem injection, or Soil injection.

At Ascent Tree Solutions we favour stem injection. This involves drilling small holes in the trunk and using a specialised stem injector, to inject the chemical directly into the tree.

Stem injection is preferred over soil injection for a few reasons. It's faster acting (up to twice as quick for the chemical to get to the leaves), and the product is applied more directly. This means it's more environmentally friendly, and safe around children, pets, native animals, etc. With stem injection, environmental contamination is negligible.

How to book your elm leaf beetle treatment

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Step 1
Want us to inspect your elm trees? Use our contact form to send us an enquiry, and include a photo if you can.
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Step 2
Chris will be in touch with you to arrange a suitable time to inspect your tree and give you a price for elm leaf beetle treatment.
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Step 3
If you have any neighbours with the same problem, we can book the jobs into the same day.
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Step 4
Once your job is complete, you’ll receive an invoice. We’ll add a reminder to our records to contact you in 2 years.
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Healthy elm trees that have had an elm leaf beetle treatment.

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