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Tree Removal Macedon Ranges

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Chris and his team were fantastic at removing our large and dangerous tree. They were professional and completed the job safely and efficiently. Would highly recommend Ascent Tree Solutions for anyone looking for tree removal macedon ranges!
Lisa C

Tree Removal Macedon Ranges

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Macedon Ranges is a top tourist destination in Victoria, and a big part of this is the stunning and undulating landscapes we have to offer. Home to a wide variety of indigenous plants and native trees, the Macdeon Ranges also has a number of heritage gardens and beautiful autumnal colour. As a local tree removal and tree pruning company, we’re lucky enough to work extensively across this beautiful area.

Based in Central Victoria, the Macedon Ranges is prone to heavy winds and storms throughout the winter and spring months. This can often have a detrimental effect on the trees on your property, with damage to branches and entire tree structures leading to hazardous situations.

We are well known for our safe and efficient work, and are often called out for emergency storm damage tree removals. If a tree has fallen on your property, we can clear this up and make your property safe, by removing the timber. If there’s a tree on your property that hasn’t fallen, but you’re worried about it’s structural safety after high winds, we can come around and give you a free hazard assessment. It’s always best to get your trees checked by qualified arborists, because if there is damage, the tree may become hazardous, which may mean a full tree removal is needed.

If you have concerns about the trees on your property and want are looking for a local company, Ascent Trees provides tree removal work across Macedon Ranges and surrounds.
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Job Details for: Tree Removal Macedon Ranges

We were contacted after a big storm by a customer that was worried about a tree on her property. The tree had become to large for them to manage and had begun to drop a number of small branches. After such heavy winds, they decided to get the tree checked by a professional arborist and called Ascent Tree Solutions for a quote. As with all of our jobs, Chris visited the property to chat to the customer about tree, giving it a full visual hazard assessment whilst he was there. This allows Chris to check for sign of decay, disease and structural damage, so he can provide the best course of action for the customer.

As always, our preference is to retain the tree where possible, but sometime, there are too many issues, and the risk to safety can be too high, requiring a full removal. This was the case with the customer’s tree, which had weathered one too many storms in its time! The heavy winds had caused severe damage to the tree, not only from broken branches, but also with a large crack in the trunk. This meant the tree could not be salvaged by weight reduction or pruning.

Chris booked the team in for a full tree removal, where they dismantled the branches one by one, lowering them to the ground to avoid damaging the customer’s property. Once the tree was stripped, the crew felled the trunk and cut the timber into large, manageable sized pieces for the customer to cut into firewood.

There’s always a worry from customers that a tree company will leave a big mess behind for them to clear up, but not with Ascent Tree Solutions. We take great pride in leaving our customers’ property as clean as can be. We rake up the leaves and use a leaf blower to get rid of any last debris. For this job, the customer also had booked in a stump removal, which we booked in for the following week, leaving the space clear for replanting.
The tree crew at asent trees cleaning up the debris after a tree removal in macedon ranges, putting the branches through a woodchipper.A qualifed tree climber removing the last branches from a large tree, with just a trunk remaining.The trunk remaining from a large tree removal in macedon, with a crane prepared to move the heavy timber.A stumpgrinder getting rid of the stump a macedon ranges tree removal.


Ascent Trees work consistently throughout the Macedon Ranges, providing tree removals, tree pruning, stump grinding and elf leaf beetle treatment.
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