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Tree Removal Gisborne

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A groundsman observing a tree climber in the midst of a cypress tree, completing a tree removal.
I had a 20 m + (and very untidy) cypress tree in my back yard which was leaning against my neighbours house! Throughout the entire process the team were very professional and did a fantastic job. They are an enthuastic group, with all the gear and loads of experience. I felt they delivered excellent value for money! I would not hesitate recommending these guys and will be using their services again.
Stephanie K

Tree Removal Gisborne

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Gisborne is called the gateway to the Macedon Ranges, and our lush trees allow us to wear this badge with pride. With a mix of native and deciduous trees – which provide a beautiful flourish of colour in the lead up to winter – there’s plenty of tree pruning and maintenance work going on throughout the year. We also complete tree removals where needed in the peaceful town of Gisborne.

A common reason to have a tree removed is due to its proximity to your (or your neighbour’s) house. If there’s a risk of falling branches, due to structural failure or storm damage, it can be too hazardous to simply prune the tree, and instead a full removal may be required to ensure the safety of the property and its occupants.

There might also be ongoing maintenance problems that have become hazardous, such as the tree’s roots extending too far and causing damage to your plumbing, drainage or to the foundations of your house. It might be that the tree is fully obstructing the sun, or its leaves are continually clogging your gutters. We’ll always consider pruning options first, but if this isn’t a sufficient solution, you'll want to book in a professional company. We're a local tree removal business located near Gisborne and can travel to all locations.
A large cypress tree with the sun shining through its branches, about to be removed by a climber who has ascended to the top using ropes and harnesses.

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Job Details for: Tree Removal Gisborne

Cypress trees can easily get very large and out of control quite quickly. It’s good practice to have your trees pruned (through hedging and reduction) to keep them manageable, but if left too long they can cause subsidence issues for both aboveground and underground infrastructure… not a good thing if it’s near your house!

We had a call from a customer that had concerns about a very large (20m+) Cypress tree which was leaning against their neighbour’s house. Chris booked in a time to with the customer to assess the problem tree and provide a solution for all parties. Due to limb failure and poor structure, it was decided to complete a full tree removal.

The team at Ascent Tree Solutions is very safety conscious and well trained in best arboricultural practices. All of our crew wear full safety gear – including a safety harness, helmets, chainsaw pants and chainsaw boots – and complete safety documentation prior to commencing the job. This includes a JSA (an on-site risk assessment) taking into account any variables that may be present on the day of the job.

Once the worksite was ready to go, we got to work on removing the cypress tree. In this case, the customer had a large open property. Our arborists are not just trained in tree climbing, but also in tree felling. This means we can use chainsaws to cut the trunk in a certain manner that allows us to direct the fall of the tree. This is a great solution if we have space for the tree to fall safely, away from any other property. Once the tree is down, the team then get to work on cutting up the branches to go through a chipper, and cutting the trunk into manageable sized pieces.

As always, we cleaned up the property from all debris once the tree work was complete and had a very satisfied customer!
A trained tree climber in the canopy of a cypress tree, removing branches with a chainsaw.An Ascent Trees groundsman holding a rope and observing a tree climber from the ground.Spray of mulch from a woodchipper during a tree removal in gisborne, as branches are fed through it.The remaining stump of a cypress tree after all the branches have been removed.

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