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Tree Removal Castlemaine

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Chris was an absolute pleasure to deal with. He was professional and prompt with every interaction, right down to initiating reminder texts prior to scheduled appointment times. His price was competitive and he gave consideration to preserving the natural habitat when conducting the tree removal, in addition to being mindful of preserving our "lawn" when working in very wet conditions. I would highly recommend Chris!
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Tree Removal Castlemaine

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Eucalyptus trees are iconic in our landscape, and Castlemaine is no exception! We have an abundance of beautiful gum species here, including Manna Gum, Yellow Gum and Red Ironbark amongst many others. They give our properties that distinctive aussie feel with their unique bark and leaves.

One problem we can experience with gum trees though, is the fact that they can be susceptible to diseases such as fungal infections, and from pest infestations. Fungi can attack Eucalyptus trees, especially in poor soil conditions, and lead to issues with the tree’s health such as root rot and collar rot. These infections can weaken the tree, leading to its gradual deterioration in health.

These problems can be avoided if you maintain your gum tree’s health through proper management such as ensuring the soil is well drained and have it assessed and pruned when needed. If, however, you do notice that your tree is has unhealthy looking leaves, a cracked trunk, or clear fungal infections, it may be too late to save it, with tree removal the only option. 

If you're looking for someone to complete a tree removal for your property in Castlemaine, then a local business is the way to go. Contact our arborist to assess your tree and give you the best solution.
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With all the large and iconic gum trees around, we complete a lot of tree pruning and tree removal work here. Get a quote for your tree removal Castlemaine today!
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Job Details for: Tree Removal Castlemaine

Our Castlemaine customer got in touch with Chris about a tree In her backyard that she was worried about due to visual signs of decay. We arranged a convenient time to visit the property for a visual hazard assessment of the tree and to provide a quote. During the assessment, it was clear that the tree was diseased and needed to be removed due to the decline of its health and subsequent instability. Some of the visible signs that led Ascent Trees to recommend removal included significant bark shedding as well as wilting leaves and a large amount of deadwood.

The problem with a weakened tree structure is that it is prone to potential further damage if there are any heavy winds and storms. Due to the increased hazard imposed by the tree in this case, a tree removal job was booked in.

The customer was concerned about her garden and the impact the tree removal work would have, and we reassured her that we always take the utmost care with our customers’ gardens to leave them as we found them. As climbing arborists, Chris and the team can ascent the tree with ropes with no need for a cherry picker. We kept the chipper at a distance from the tree and dragged the branches across to it after they were removed from the tree. As always, upon finishing the job, we completed a thorough clean up of the customer’s garden, including using a rake to clear up any smaller debris and leaves, and then used a leaf blower for the final touch!

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Alongside tree pruning and stump grinding, we also offer elm leaf beetle treatment, which is another solution to diseased eucalytpus trees.
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