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Woodchipper spraying mulch after completing a large malmsbury tree removal.

Malmsbury Tree Removal

Ascent Trees provides tree removals in Malmsbury for all our local customers, at a great competitive rate.
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A professional tree worker climbing a tree to complete a tree removal in malmsbury.
The team were outstanding, completed all quoted tasks to a higher standard than expected. From start to finish Chris and the team delivered on everything discussed. I couldn't recommend a better company and would recommend to any one.
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Malmsbury Tree Removal 

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Malmsbury Tree Removal Services

Malmsbury is a beautiful, historic town located in the Macedon Ranges, recognised for its stunning treescapes that reflect the beauty of changing seasons with an array of tree species and nature reserves. The age of the trees, both native and non-native, means we have to take extra special care to maintain their health and aesthetic value.

More often than not, we can retain most trees through proper care and pruning and by getting them checked out by a qualified arborist. At Ascent Trees we use a team of arborists that are trained in assessing the condition, health and structure of your trees, as well as identifying any risks and hazards the tree might pose. This allows us to determine the best course of action for the trees on your property.

Many of us in Malmsbury have very old trees on our property. It’s important to have these assessed if you have any concerns, because as trees age, their structural integrity can decline. This can be shown by decay, weakened branches and hollow areas, all of which can increase the risk of the tree falling or dropping limbs. If this is the case, it might be that your tree needs to be removed. We’re trained and qualified in removing trees safely and efficiently with top of the range equipment.

The crew at ascent trees getting ready to complete a large tree removal, by ascending the tree with ropes and safety gear.

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If you have any concerns about the trees on your property in Malmsbury, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. It's always better to address any structural problems with your tree sooner rather than later.
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Job Details for: Malmsbury Tree Removal

Our customer got in touch with Chris as he was concerned about the safety of old trees on his property in the outskirts of Malmsbury, and wanted the advice of a qualified arborist. After receiving an enquiry through our website, Chris rang the customer to arrange a convenient time to come and assess the tree. Once at the property, Chris considered the structure, overall health, leaf quality, amount of deadwood, and number of times the tree would drop small branches.

The tree hazard assessment determined that some of the trees had significantly deteriorated over time, shown by large hollows in sections of the trunk and a large amount of deadwood (dead branches) that were prone to falling with any wind or storms coming through. Due to the potential hazard of ongoing limb failure, and with tree pruning options unable to mitigate the risk, both Chris and the homeowner decided that full tree removals would be the best course of action. Chris advised the customer that he would need a tree report and a permit to remove the trees due to council regulations. Once these were received, the tree removal job could be booked in.

Ascent Tree Solutions hires climbing arborists, so we were able to ascend the tree using a harness and ropes, and dismantle the trees by cutting one branch at a time and lowering this to the ground using a specialised rigging system with ropes (a ‘flying fox’ set up). The climber then removed the trunk in sections as he descended the tree. Once the trunk was lower enough, he felled the remaining part to the ground to be cut up further with chainsaws by the groundsmen. The site was cleared fully by our efficient crew with our range of heavy machinery suitable for the job at hand.
The woodchipper at ascent trees working hard to spray muclh after processing branches from a tree.Chris Mackenzie, head climber at ascent trees, getting a selfie with a koala showing in the tree behind him.The ascent tree solutions team using top of the range equipment to move the timber after a tree removal.Heavy machinery being used by the tree climbing team at ascent trees to move branches removed from a tree.

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