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A tree overhanging a house in Kyneton with an arborist in a harness, using a chainsaw to cut branches.
Chris and the boys did a great job. They took down two trees and they left the yard tidy and no damage to the plant nearby which could have been squashed easily without care. 
Great work thanks!
Jenny B

Kyneton Tree Removal 

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We're based in Lauriston, near Kyneton, and have many happy customers in our local area. Although we travel all across the Macedon Ranges, with Kyneton being so close to the Ascent Tree Solutions depot,  we complete lots of tree removal work here for our fellow locals.

Removing a tree can be dangerous, so it’s extremely important to hire a qualified team that understand the structure, health and integrity of trees. No matter how simple and straightforward the job might seem, there’s always potential hidden hazards, like deadwood, or a damaged trunk. The safe option is to hire an experienced arborist that is well trained in the risks involved. Our team have all the safety gear and equipment to efficiently complete your tree removal, keeping the team and your property safe from damage.

One common reason to have a tree removed is because it’s dead or dying. A dead tree is prone to structural weakness and decay, and as such is unpredictable. Limbs might fall unpredictably, and heavy winds or storms can cause the tree to become unstable and fall. Has this happened to one of your trees? Get in touch with us today to discuss your options for tree removal. We can assess the hazard and help you determine the best option for your trees.
A large tree that's had half the trees removed by a qualified climber, with a few large branches to go.

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You're in the right place! We're not unexperienced tree loppers, we're a team of highly qualified and experienced arborists. We can asses the trees on your property if you're worried about their health and recommend the best course of action, whether it's tree removal or pruning.
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Job Details for: A Recent Kyneton Tree Removal

We were contacted by a local customer that had some problematic trees on her property in Kyneton, including a dead one. The trees hadn’t be causing a problem in the past, so the customer had let them be, as they were great as a natural habitat for local wildlife. The trees had begun to drop deadwood (small, dead branches that become easily dislodged in high winds and storms), and the customer was now concerned for the safety of visitors to their house, and also the other lower lying plants in their garden.

Chris booked in a time to visit the property in Kyneton, which is right near the Ascent Trees depot, and assess the problem trees to work out the best option for completing a tree removal as the customer wanted to make sure there was no damage to their existing garden. It was decided that the team would climb the trees and remove the branches one by one instead of felling the tree, so they could be easily lowered to the ground to the groundsman through rigging techniques.

The customer wanted to maintain the local habitat for birds, and so once the tree was stripped, Chris and the homeowner decided on a low, safe height, that could be left in the customer’s garden as a place for the birds to visit. There were hollows in the dead tree’s trunk and small branches remaining, so this was a great choice. The customer requested that the timber be cut into firewood rounds so they could use it in their fire pit. Chris and the team took great care in moving the timber out through the garden so no damage was caused to the existing plants and garden beds. A very satisfied customer!
A climber hanging from his ropes in a harness, removing branches from a tree in Kyneton.A tagline used by a qualified climber, ready to winch the tree down after it's branches have been removed.Part of a damaged tree that needs to be removed.A tree trunk that has sever damage to it, requiring the tree to be removed.

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