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An arborist working on the tips of branches whilst completing a daylesford tree removal.

Daylesford Tree Removal

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Taut ropes anchored into the top branch of a tree, ready for an arborist to climb and remove it.
Great job done by Chris and crew. Arrived on time and finished the job in good time. We have had a few different companies work on our property in the past and these guys are really first rate. Also for work done the price was very reasonable.
Adam R

Daylesford Tree Removal 

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Need a Tree Removal in Daylesford?

Daylesford is well known across Victoria for its beautiful houses, bubbling mineral springs and stunning forests and scenery with its wide range of historic trees. As one of Victoria’s prime tourist destinations, it’s important for local property owners to maintain the aesthetic value of their trees and gardens, so we often get calls for daylesford tree removals.

As well as maintaining a proper pruning program to keep your trees in top shape, you might also need to remove certain trees on your property due to landscape designs or to extend your property or building. It’s good practice to speak to a professional arborist so you can determine which valuable trees you should retain on your property, and which would be the best to be removed (i.e. weaker structure, crowding, not native etc). You can then include these details in your submission to cancel to request a permit to remove the trees.

Once you’ve received approval for your daylesford  tree removal, you can book the job in! It’s crucial to hire a trained and qualified team, especially if you are removing trees in a confined space (e.g. surrounded by property or other structures). Ascent Trees will not only remove the tree safely and efficiently, but are also skilled in reducing the risk of damage to the rest of your property, by using top of the range equipment, and dismantling the tree piece by piece to bring it to the ground.
A qualified tree climber completing a tree removal in daylesford, with just the trunk left standing and all the timber on the ground.

Need a a tree removed in Daylesford?

Keep your property in its best shape by hiring the professionals. Ascent Trees can remove a tree in any location without damage to your property. Get in touch for a free quote.
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Job Details for: Daylesford Tree Removal

There’s a lot of investment property owners ion Daylesford due to the high number of AirBnBs and guest houses for all the tourists. Our customer was planning a significant extension to their property to allow for the addition of an guest room. The customer got in contact with Ascent Trees to get advice on a problematic tree in the garden adjacent to the area they wanted to extend. The tree was not a native species, but due to the historic nature of the town, we advised that the customer check with the council if a permit was required due to a potential heritage listing. This was not the case and (after viewing written confirmation from the council), Chris booked the job in for a tree removal and stump grinding.

As with all of our jobs, if stump grinding is booked in as well as the tree removal, we request all customers to complete Dial Before you Dig, to confirm the location of any underground utilities. Once we had the all clear, we scheduled a date for the tree removal work, with the stump grinding to be completed in the week after.

Due to the small height of the tree, we were able to simply fell the tree from the base of the trunk, directing the fall into a safe area of the yard. The groundsmen then used chainsaws to cut the branches to be fed through the chipper for mulch, and then the trunk into firewood rounds for the customer to keep.

The customer wanted to commit to re-planting trees to replace the one he’d removed, and we gave advice on the best native species for the location. If you need a tree removal in Daylesford give us a call today to book in your free quote.
One of Ascent Tree Solution's professional arborists up a tree, attaching rigging ropes for removal of branches.Ground workers using tension on the rope to help direct the fall of a tree in daylesford.A tree climber removing sections of trunk at a time with a chainsaw, to complete a tree removal in daylesford.Silhouette of an arborist at the top of a tree trunk after all the branches have been removed.

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