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Bendigo Tree Removal

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Two climbers up a tree completing a tree removal in bendigo.
In what was a huge and complex job with four huge eucalypts and acacias, some over 35 metres, Chris and his team’s skills and attention to detail was extraordinary. We had buildings and lawn and garden in the zone and there was no damage and it was immaculately cleaned afterwards. He was efficient. Totally reliable and professional and wonderful people to deal with... Brilliant!
Richard K

Bendigo Tree Removal

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Bendigo Tree Removal Services

Trees are a huge asset to our properties, especially in Bendigo where many of us live on large properties with beautiful leafy gardens. Not only do the trees provide much needed shade in the summer months, but they add aesthetic value to your property as well. We’ll therefore always try and retain your trees if possible and encourage you to consider all options, but sometimes, removing the tree is the only choice.

One of the common reasons for tree removal is due to a damaged tree. This might be from wind damage in adverse weather, or it may have been pruned incorrectly in the past by a tree lopper. Sometimes it’s simply the age of the tree that causes it to fail and require removal.

Ascent Tree Solutions’ team of trained arborists work productively across all our tree services, and complete many bendigo tree removals for our happy customers.

Holding qualifications in arboriculture means that our team has been taught the safest and most efficient techniques for tree removal. They will ascend the tree using harnesses and will remove the tree in pieces, limb by limb, to ensure there’s minimal impact on your garden.
Ascent trees removing a large tree overhanging a house in Bendigo.

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Job Details for: Bendigo Tree Removal

We were contacted by a new customer located in Bendigo, who was looking for a tree removal company to help with the removal of four large Eucalyptus trees, specifically Red gums, along with a number of smaller Acacias. The customer had removed trees on their property themselves in the past, but thankfully in this case they contacted the professionals – Ascent Tree Solutions – due to the size and height of the trees, as some of them were over 35 metres.

Anyone who has ever tried to lean a ladder against a tree and wield a chainsaw will know this is not the right choice to be making! We’re a team of qualified arborists and as such have expert equipment and a number of safety precautions to make sure we do the job safely, quickly all whilst safeguarding the customer’s property and our own workers. We use safety clothing, which includes PPE such as chainsaw pants, helmets, chainsaw boots and safety harnesses to climb the trees.

Due to the size of these trees, and the length of the branches, we set what’s called an anchor point in a strong and high fork in the tree. This allows us to walk along the larger branches out to the tips, and remove the larger limbs piece by piece. We can either direct the fall of these limbs, or if they’re particularly big, we’ll rig them with ropes and ‘flying fox’ them down to our groundsmen.

When it comes to falling the main trunk of the tree, we’ll use specialised cutting techniques on either side of the tree, which includes a wedge-shaped chainsaw cut called a ‘scarf’, and this allows us to fully control the direction in which the tree will fall. This is what makes us the experts, as we can drop the tree in the most narrow of locations due to our skillset and years of training in arboriculture.

Once the job is complete and the tree has been fully removed, then begins the fun part. The clean up! We’ll cut the larger branches into manageable pieces of wood, or firewood rounds, ready for the customer to use, and we’ll send the smaller branches and debris through our woodchipper. In this case, the customer wanted to keep the mulch, so we sprayed this into a pile in the corner of the garden. We finished up with a rake and a leaf blower to leave the garden tidy and the customer satisfied!

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An arborist climbing a tree to remove in Bendigo.A tree climber in Bendigo out on the end of a limb removing branches for a tree removal.A chainsaw worker in Bendigo cutting a large stump.Ascent Trees taking large gum tree logs away after a tree removal.

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